Transfiguraciones de Calostro

For 8 violins.

Premiered in Saarbrücken, Germany in February 2008.

The version which can be listened to here corresponds to the Egocentric Experiment of Virtual Instrumentation and was recorded at the sound studio of the University of Visual Arts of Saarland with the assistance of Stefan Zintel.

Tigran Hakhumyan: violins
Javier Party: electronic edition

Experimento Egocéntrico de Instrumentación Virtual

at the studio This audiovisual electroacoustic work is based on my violin octet Transfiguraciones de Calostro. Seven of the eight violin parts are recorded. I work on these tracks and electronically distribute them accordingly in space. The violinist plays the remaining violin part live together with the recorded ones. The result is an ensemble where the eight players are the same person.

An audio-only version of the Egocentric Experiment of Virtual Instrumentation was presented on Friday, May 29th, 2009 at the concert-hall of the University of Music of Saarland in Saarbrücken, Germany.

The complete audiovisual version emphasizes the same concept of virtual proposal, showing us the same musician multiplied on stage, as he plays or as he waits. The piece invite us to rethink the way we understand and accept reality.

In collaboration with with violinist Tigran Hakhumyan and visual artist Julian Bergheim.

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