Stereophonic track.

Commission as part of the Environmental Biennale 2011 of I-Park.

Premiered in September 2011 at I-Park, Connecticut, USA.

A piece composed during the residency at I-Park with sound material taken from the natural environment of the area.

With simply beautiful rhythm patterns of two and three pulses, the tree frogs play the sound-track to the North American twilight in the woods, by the brook, in the hut, on the wooden path beside the pond's shore, on the fallen leaves beside the marsh's shrub, on the way into the night of the hurricane. Crickets and branches refine the sound field, people with untold stories and subdued signs of civilization in the enigmatic distance complete the Plot in Notrain. No train - Not rain.

The sound material in the piece originates from recordings done for twenty days in the forests of the state of Connecticut in the north east of the United States of America. During my stay there, hurricane "Irene" passed through the area, an event which the listener can experience in Notrain. Not only rain and strong winds but also the many and diverse noises the hurricane imposed upon nature. For eight days in a row we didn't have tap-water or electricity, and we were almost disconnected from the rest of the world. This translated into extremely interesting conversations, some of which were immortalized with the audio recorder. After being artistically treated and edited in different ways, these dialogues turned into an essential element of Notrain.


Notrain[k], a version with a somewhat more agile arrangement, won the 2nd place of the Hoer.Spiel Composition Competition 2012 granted by the Institute for Creative Media Technologies of the University of Applied Sciences of St. Pölten, Austria.

Premiered during the prize-giving ceremony in December 2012 at Cinema Paradiso in St. Pölten.

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